product photography in-house

A professional product photo can give the turnover of your webshop a huge boost.

White background or Packshot needed for Amazon, Ebay and ?

1 photo says more than 1000 words....

No software and expensive camera needed!


Beautiful diffused light with always the same quality.
Easy to work with, no specialism required.
20,000 burning hours, therefore a sustainable product.
LED daylight quality, K6000-6500, CRI> 80.


Good photos lead to higher sales and fewer returns.
Flexible and fast because you have everything in-house.
Affordable and maintenance-free product.
Saving time because you need little to no post-processing.

Experiences of MagicBOX users

Rob Veenvliet-Bijl of Dignity Urns & Jewels: We purchased the MagicBox because as a wholesaler we were always aware of the problem reflection in our pictures of animal urns and ash jewelry. We have been using the MagicBox for a while now and are very satisfied with the result. The photos are as we hoped they would be, we recommend the purchase of the MagicBox.

Kirsten Rovers of Chrysal International: Due to the even lighting, the quality of our photos, which we make of our products and flowers, has improved qualitatively. The box is also very useful in use, in addition it saves us time and space. We are very happy with our MagicBox!

Willeke Hofstee from Viv! Home Luxuries: As an online store owner, we have known for some time that product photos are very important to see your sales increase. After the step was taken to invest in this, we started using the MagicBOX. We immediately saw an increase in the conversion rate of products where the new, better, photos were used.

Choose the MagicBOX that fits your wishes and products!