MagicBOX : Your own product photography box!

What is a MagicBOX?

The MagicBOX is a product photography studio: perfect for product photography light box for your webshop. The MagicBOX works with LED lighting, which means that the lighting comes from multiple sides of the light box. As a result, no reflections and shadows will be visible on the product that you want to photograph for your ecommerce store. With this photography light box you can quickly and easily make your photos for your store and big marketplaces like


The MagicBOX is ideal for taking product photos of, for example, Food, Glass, Fashion, Jewelry, Ceramics, Electronics, Plants, Flowers and basically anything that fits in this product photography light box.


There is a suitable MagicBOX for almost every product: Choose the MagicBOX that suits your wishes and your product. Check out our product photography studios.

Product Photography Photo Studio MagicBOX square

Why use a product photography light box?

The sale of products online has increased incredibly in recent years, partly due to the pandemic. As a result, more people buy their products online and shopping streets become empty. As a result, online stores are now the showcase of your brand.

The online offer is large and growing, the consumer is critical and you have to do your best to stand out as an entrepreneur. In your own shop window you show your products as well as possible. You do this, for example, by taking good product photos that distinguish themselves from the competition.

By means of product photography and 360 degree product photography, you as a retailer give the consumer the best possible picture of your products. For example by using the MagicBOX Square 360. Perfect for taking beautiful 360 degree photos. Several studies have shown that the use of 360 degree photography has increased sales by 10 to 40 percent.


Taking product photos in the MagicBOX is very easy

Thanks to the LED lighting, you can take free-standing photos that require little to no post-processing. For platforms such as Amazon, a white background is very important to comply with their rules. This is even easier to edit in Photoshop or an application such as Pixlr, on your smartphone.
Product Photography Fashion

In addition to static product photos, you can also take 360 degree product photos!

By using moving images you distinguish yourself from your competitors and your product can be seen from all sides for your customers. This ensures that the customer is no longer faced with surprises, returns are significantly less and the conversion of your products increases.

How easy is it to take 360 degree product photos

Taking 360 degree product photos inside the photo light box is incredibly easy. Place your product on the 360-degree turntable and place your camera on a tripod. Film your product 1 round (this takes about 60 seconds). Turn off the sound, speed up the video and crop it if necessary.


We at MagicBOX work with the Actiondirector app and edit the 360 degree product photos on our mobile phone. As an extra, you can also put your logo or watermark in the photo so that the photo gets a personalized look and cannot be copied by other online stores.


The 360 degree product photos are good content for, for example, all your social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. The attention value of moving images is many times greater than just a photo.


A separate turntable can be placed in the MagicBOX Frame, XL and XXL, the other MagicBOXes can be equipped with or without a turntable.


Without the turntable it is also possible to take 360 degree photos for your products. Take multiple photos from different angles and line them up.


The most common MagicBOXes are the MagicBOX Square and the MagicBOX Large. Both have lighting from 5 sides and by using the enclosed door, the light seems to come from 6 sides due to the reflection on the white door.


Watch our instructional videos on how to easily take professional photos and 360 product photos in the MagicBOX or make an appointment for a demo in Almere or during one of the events we take part in.