Terms and Conditions

MagicBOX General Sales and Delivery Terms


MagicBOX below named as: “Supplier”, MagicBOX located in Almere.


General provisions

These conditions shall apply to all offers made by supplier or to be concluded with its customers, inother with whether they have been concluded or or in writing or confirmed by the Supplier, unless and to the extent that this has been expressly deviated in writing. Terms and conditions, in any case, of which a customer serves, never connect supplier, unless they are expressly accepted by supplier in writing.


Offers and quotes

All offers and offers from Supplier are non-binding and are valid until the date indicated in the tender. An agreement between supplier and a customer is concluded only after supplier has accepted the orders or orders of the customer in writing and confirmed any agreements, or in fact by supplier with dispatch of the delivery business has begun. In the absence of written confirmation, the conclusion of the contract is apparent from the execution by supplier to the contract. Oral and telephone orders for items in stock shall be delivered without prior confirmation, unless otherwise agreed. For oral or telephone ordered items that are not delivered from stock, an order confirmation shall be sent no later than 5 business days. In the case of a difference between the order or order of the customer and the written confirmation of supplier, only this confirmation is binding. If the content of the tender and the content of the order confirmation are not consistent, the order confirmation shall be the only parties binding document.



Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the prices are deducted from the supplier’s warehouse and are denominated in Euros, excluding VAT. The costs of packaging and the shipments in this area of freight and other related costs shall be charged separately.
The MagicBOX is sent on a pallet with a special carrier, the shipping costs are at account customer.

On orders under €100.00 excluding. VAT, we charge €6.95 shipping.



Specified delivery times will be kept as far as possible, but do not constitute a fatal period for Supplier, unless otherwise agreed in writing. In the event of overrun, the customer cannot claim any compensation against supplier, still claiming termination of the contract.


Decrease, transport, discharge

Supplier has the choice of the mode of transport of the items to be delivered on the responsibility of the customer, if desired a shipment can be sent on request insured or customer to pick up the business himself at the warehouse of the Supplier. If, irrespective of the agreed mode of transport, the items to be delivered to the customer are available to supplier for purchase and supplier has communicated this to the customer, the customer shall be within a reasonably short possible time limit following that notification until decrease required. Deliveries shall be made.



Unless otherwise agreed, the buyer will prepay the agreed billed amount according to one of the payment methods indicated on the website.

Only after written approval from supplier can this be adjusted in a payment period of 14 days without the customer being entitled to any discount not expressly agreed or to the application of debt comparison or. Clearing. If, after the expiry of the payment period, the customer has not fully paid the agreed amount, the customer will be absent without any summation or default required. During the period that the customer is in default as referred to in the previous paragraph, the buyer is liable for an interest on what has remained unpaid, equal to the statutory interest. All legal and extrajudicial costs to collect the costs of legal assistance due by the buyer are borne by the buyer. Payments made by the customer are always primarily to satisfy all interest and costs due and then on to invoices that are open the longest, even if the buyer states that the satisfaction relates to a subsequent invoice. In the case of invoices of an equal date, the payment of each invoice shall be made proportionately. Supplier is empowered to suspend all or part of the performance of the contract during the time which, in the reasonable opinion of supplier, gives rise to the financial situation of the buyer, without prejudice to the right of Compensation supplier if there are terms and without the buyer being able to claim any compensation.



Terms of warranty


You have a one-year warranty on the MagicBOX.
The LED lighting has ±20,000 burn hours and has qualification IP20, so not resistant to water. The warranty on the turntable is 6 months. The turntable has a limited carrying capacity.


Warranty expires when the MagicBOX is opened or when adjustments or not original parts are used.
If otherwise indicated, always transport and use the MagicBOX upright, in relation to the carrying structure.


Return terms

Return of an item should always take place in consultation with MagicBOX.
Therefore, always contact us in advance when you want to return an item.
Returns are only possible if there are defects in the MagicBOX within 8 working days. This period shall take into view from the date of receipt. A return is at your expense and risk as a buyer.

This means that we are not liable for damaging or missing a return. The items must be returned undamaged and in the original packaging.



All the items supplied by the Supplier remain the property of supplier until the time that the customer is fully complying with its commitments in respect of those matters, the activities (to be carried out there), and in respect of the claims for failure to comply with the agreement, has been fulfilled. Until then, the customer has only the right to use them for their own use in respect of those matters. The customer will never make these matters with any right objections, sales or in any other way available to third parties. Supplier is irrevocably authorised without requiring default to take back the items delivered to the customer but owned by supplier by removing or removing it from the place where they are located in the event of :

  1. customer is in absence for more than 30 days;
  2. customer is seeking suspension of payment or is in a state of bankruptcy;
  3. one or more of the customer’s property. In the case of taking back cases supplied by supplier, the purchase price shall be credited to the buyer, net of 25 of them for costs and damages, without prejudice to any further rights to compensation.



Supplier is capable of reasonably common quality requirements in the normal use of the supplier-produced or modified items. Supplier is only capable of specific quality requirements or specific quality standards of manufactured or modified items in so far as those requirements or standards have been expressly agreed. For commercial goods, the responsibility for reasonably common quality requirements lies in normal use at the supplier’s supplier. Supplier accepts no liability for advice, data, calculations or other tasks provided by or on behalf of the subcontractor.


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